30+ Years Crafting high-quality COFFEE, now with superFOODS

Here at Natonics, we love an amazing cup of coffee nearly as much as we love nature. We’ve seen our lives improve greatly through years of connection with the forest, the lakes, and the winter quiet.

Co-founder and mother of the Natonics team, Nancy, has been in the coffee business for over 30 years. She was one of the first to deliver a flavored instant cappuccino. After receiving many requests for an organic version that also included nature’s superfoods, daughters Jessie and Randi followed moms lead and decided to bring this great idea to the world!  

We want to share our passion and knowledge by bringing the world’s best superfoods to you—from morning coffee to hot cocoa traditions—let’s venture through this world together.

Wherever you go, bring the power and pure goodness of nature!

Meet the natonics family


Founder & Co-Owner
You can often find Randi
looking for nature's bounties.. birch bark, feathers, and rock hunting on the Lake Superior's

Favorite Natonics drink?
"Super Hot Cocoa - it satisfies my chocolate cravings, and I love the coconut creaminess."


Founder & Co-Owner
Jessie loves driving her
side-by-side with the wind whipping through her hair,
taking long pontoon rides
around Lake Superior,
and lounging on beautiful
Grand Island.

Natonics drink?
"Super Chai for its earthy flavor
and collagen's post-workout
cell repair."

Founding mentor
Nancy loves inventing
wild concoctions in the
kitchen, picking wild
asparagus and mushrooms, repurposing antique treasures,
and loving on her grandbabies.

Natonics drink?
"Super latte for coffee and
chaga to keep my mind sharp
and immunity strong."

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