matcha Green Tea + Collagen
coconut milk mcts + chai spices

Top-seller! This creamy, lightly sweetened blend brings the healing powers of luscious flavors of the ancient world to your kitchen or the trail. Matcha is a powerful form of green tea, specially grown and finely processed to preserve the high (really, really high) antioxidant levels, crisp taste, and bright green color. Matcha is also renowned for clear, steady energy support. We added bovine-sourced collagen for cell and tissue repair (and because we want our skin to look great!), and coconut milk powder for a boost of fat-burning power. Turmeric and cinnamon bring warmth and anti-inflammation support, and finally, it’s sweetened just a bit with natural cane sugar.

 Natonics products are made with the highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients available. We are USDA Certified Organic and proud of it. We only offer Non-GMO and sustainable agriculture products that everyone can be proud of. We sure are. Our recipes are for health-conscious consumers who also want to enjoy their beverage. Healthy does taste good, naturally! 

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