SUPER hot cocoa

"hands down the best hot cocoa I've ever had"

Everyone enjoys hot chocolate, so why not offer a healthy version that tastes rich and super delicious? We source high-quality Heirloom Trinitario cacao which packs each cup with this superfood’s powerful benefits—boosts mood and brain function, lowers blood pressure and fatigue and more thanks to its high flavanol content, a plant-based super-antioxidant. Cacao also has more iron than any other plant food and an abundance of magnesium. Coconut milk powder has fat-burning Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) and supports healthy digestion. Plus, it’s super creamy and vegan. Minimally processed cane sugar sweetens, naturally. 

Natonics products are made with the highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients available. We are USDA Certified Organic and proud of it. We only offer Non-GMO and sustainable agriculture products that everyone can be proud of. We sure are. Our recipes are for health-conscious consumers who also want to enjoy their beverage. Healthy does taste good, naturally! 

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