organic coffee + coconut milk mcts
+ chaga mushroom

You’ll never need a coffee shop again. Our Super Latte has the light, creaminess of a cafe latte but is dairy-free and even MORE delicious thanks to our signature coconut milk powder. We wanted to keep it simple, but have you heard how good chaga is? Chaga coffee is where it’s at. Known as the “diamond of the forest” this golden black mushroom grows wild on dying birch trees and has been consumed in Russia for hundreds of years as a folk medicine and cancer treatment. This adaptogen is now widely used for immune support, as a nervous system tonic, and to lower inflammation. We add this to our flavorful organic coffee and just a touch of cane sugar to sweeten it, so you don’t have to.

 Natonics products are made with the highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients available. We are USDA Certified Organic and proud of it. We only offer Non-GMO and sustainable agriculture products that everyone can be proud of. We sure are. Our recipes are for health-conscious consumers who also want to enjoy their beverage. Healthy does taste good, naturally! 

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