super mocha

coffee + cacao + chaga mushroom + collagen + coconut milk mcts

Mother Nature offers us gifts in abundance, so we’ve included many of her best superfoods in our creamy, chocolatey, so-good and so-good-for-you Super Mocha. Cocoa brings this blend it’s rich, cocoa flavor and an abundance of magnesium and antioxidants. Chaga mushroom boosts our immune system, mental clarity, and its adaptogenic properties help us release stress and tension. Bovine-sourced collagen minimizes wrinkles and improves our joints, hair, and tissue repair. The MCTs in coconut powder help us burn fat and maintain a healthy gut. Add all of this pure goodness to yummy coffee and a touch of cane sugar for a healthy cup you’ll savor each sip of.  

Natonics products are made with the highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients available. We are USDA Certified Organic and proud of it. We only offer Non-GMO and sustainable agriculture products that everyone can be proud of. We sure are. Our recipes are for health-conscious consumers who also want to enjoy their beverage. Healthy does taste good, naturally! 

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